How To Eat Blue Crab?

Here is a simple guide to eating blue crab the right way. As you may have noticed, we’ve already included a video above to go along with the steps for those that are not a fan of reading.

Tear off the legs and claws

·      Once you have pulled the legs of the blue crab, put the claws to the side. You will tackle those bad boys later. The small legs are not edible because they lack meat in them, so throw those away.

Divide the top and bottom shell of the crab

·      As if you are opening a book, use your thumbs to separate the top and bottom shell of the crab. Get rid of the red top part. The underside part of the crab will have the “apron”.

Clean the inside of the crab

·      Take all the gills and soft part and discard them by using your fingers. These are parts you do not want to eat and are not very tasty.

Crack the bottom half of the crab in half

·      To get access to the large juicy lumps of meat and other delicious entrails, break the crab in half again.

Now it is time to pick out the yummy meat!

·      This is our favorite part! Take one of the halves and squeeze together. Then, open it as if you are opening a book again. Use your trusty fingers or a small fork to pull out the large lumps of crabmeat in the shell. Be sure to get every last bit of meat and enjoy each moment of it because it is one of the best parts of the crab.  

Now it is time to take care of the claws

·      You can either use a mallet or nutcracker to crack the claw. With a mallet, lightly hammer a knife into the crab claws to slightly crack the shell. With a nutcracker, you can push the clamps together with the claw in the middle, to gently crack the shell.

Extract the claw meat

·      With your fingers, take apart the claw and pull out the mouthwatering white crabmeat. Then eat it and enjoy the salty yet sweet flavor of blue crab.

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