Pub Trivia Fun at Crab Corner

It’s a weekday. You want to do something fun and affordable that will get you home at a decent hour for work the next day. There are some options to choose from in Vegas such as bowling, karaoke, a nice dinner and a movie, or simply go home and turn in for the night. All those things sound okay, but there is one option that trumps the rest.

Trivia night!

Now all those countless hours of sitting around contemplating what your plans will be with your friends and family can be saved because you can go spend your night with us at the Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House. We hold one of the best Pub Trivia in Las Vegas every Thursday night at 8 pm. Hosted at our new location in the Southwest, which has full bar and new video poker slot machines. So round up your trivia buff friends, family, and co-workers to come join all of us at the Crab Corner to enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Las Vegas and an exciting Pub Trivia!            

When it comes to Pub Trivia, we take this very seriously. Our awesome Trivia Night is hosted by Brainstormer Pub Quiz, which specializes in pub trivia providing a vast amount of random questions that are fun and challenging. With a friendly and social atmosphere, many locals come weekly to flex their trivia muscles to show off to their friends and family how smart they are and win awesome prizes such as bar tabs, t-shirts, and other great giveaway.

Oh and do not worry! We understand the importance of having a beverage to help give you brain power while you answer these difficult questions. On Trivia Night’s, we offer $3 beer and drink specials, along with $3 medium male and large female blue crabs, which are directly imported from Maryland. If you don’t have enough people to create a team, come in and there will be a spot for you! This pencil and paper challenge is a great way to meet other knowledgeable locals who share the same passion for Pub Trivia in Vegas.

If you are competitive, then this is the perfect place for you. The event gets intense and teams are competitive as rounds of questions are being fired off quickly. Many groups are crowded around each other; whispering softly to make sure other teams do not overhear the correct answers. It is incredible and exciting to see participants taking this seriously as they quickly scribble answers down in one hand, while holding a drink in another. The winning team not only gets prizes, but also bragging rights! However, it does not last long since next week another team can easily come in to win first place and that team could be your team. We are always eager to see who the winner will be each week!

Whether you come for enjoyment or to compete, it will always be a fun experience everyone can enjoy. We take pride in hosting one of the best Trivia in Las Vegas. Aside from being a great host, we also encourage everyone to come down to the restaurant to satisfy your taste buds with the freshest seafood in town and authentic Maryland inspired recipes. With two convenient locations and daily specials such as $1 oysters on Sundays, $2 crabs all day on Sundays, half off wine on Wednesdays, and many other specials on drinks and food items. If you are a diehard Ravens fan like us, then come in on game nights to surround yourself with other Raven fans and enjoy $5 bottomless beers during the game!

Then it’s settled. We will see you next Thursday and be sure to bring your "A" game to Pub Trivia! 

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