3 Of the Healthiest Fish You Should Start Eating TODAY!

What you put into your body directly impacts your health. Clean eating is a habit many people should adopt. Depending on what you consume, it can decrease your risk of cancer, ward off depression, improve the suppleness of your skin, better your eyesight, and many other health benefits.

If you want to embark on an incredible journey of eating a well-balanced diet, you should consider adding more fish to your meals. However, not all of these sea creatures are the same. According to Oceana, written by Ted Danson, one-third of the world's fisheries is "unable to regenerate their population fast enough to keep pace with the rate at which they are being caught or killed." The epidemic of overfishing is only one of the many problems harming our oceans.

Thankfully you can enjoy succulent fish that is good for your body and eco-friendly. Below is the "Super Green" list of fish you can enjoy. These have the least pressured-habitats with the highest levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and limited amounts of mercury and dioxins. 

1.    Pole-Caught Albacore Tuna

Typically, tuna has more toxin and mercury compared to other fish. However, when it is pole-caught or troll in the western United States waters, they have lower levels of mercury because they are caught at a younger age. Pole-caught albacore tuna is harder to buy in the grocery store. The good news is you can buy this fish online from Heritage Foods USA.

2.    Salmon Wild-Caught From Alaska

Farmed salmon has twice as much unhealthy saturated fats versus wild-caught salmon. Both have the same levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. So if you want to eat clean, we recommend opting for wild-caught salmon from Alaska. Target has eliminated farm raised salmon from their stores and only offers wild-caught. It is fairly priced as well!

3.    Wild-Caught Pacific Sardines

In the 1950's, sardines also went extinct. Since then, the fisheries have rebounded, and it is one of the most sustainable seafood items to eat. You can get them at a natural food store. Sardines are so tasty you can add them to almost any dish. Eat them plain with rice or add it to a sandwich. Throw some in a salad or in pizza. Take your pick!

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