How to Host an Awesome Trivia Night

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Finally!! It is time to put all those meaningless facts you have stored in that brain of yours to good use. We are sure you thought it would never come in handy, but today it will. Why? Because you are going to throw an awesome trivia night where all your friends and family can come together to see who is the smartest among all of you. Everyone is going to enjoy a few beers, chicken wings, and some good old fun Trivia Night.

At the Crab Corner, we are considered to have the best pub trivia in Las Vegas, along with the best seafood that is freshly imported daily from all around the world. We understand what it takes to hold a great trivia night. You do not need to always go out to enjoy it. You can host one yourself in the comfort of your own home. So today, we are going to write about how to host an awesome trivia game.

Get the Place Set Up

Be sure to have lots of chairs and tables or at least places for groups to huddle together to discuss and write their answers. Have an area where the food will be. It is best to make it a self-serve kind of deal so people can go up to grab food whenever they want. Have a spot where the MC will be. This is the person who will be coordinating the event and will be asking the questions. So make sure they are in a spot where everyone can hear. If you have a microphone, feel free to bring that out!

Pick a Theme

You can choose to do a general trivia, which means you can ask questions from any category. Then there is the themed trivia, which can be questions surrounding a particular theme like sports, holidays, or events. You can pick which route you want to take.

Invite Friends

Trivia night is not successful without participants. So invite as many people as you want! Determine the rules such as how many people to one group and the maximum amount of teams that can join. Keep in mind the capacity of your home so that everyone can still be comfortable. Always have the rules before you start. If you are not sure which rules to have, feel free to search trivia night rules online.

Choose Good Questions

You want to pick questions that are hard, but not too hard. You don’t want to make it too difficult where none of the teams can score, but you don’t want it to be too easy where people get bored. A good rule of thumb is to have a mix between simple and hard questions that cover all categories that you know people will have at least been exposed to it.

We hope this article will help you throw an incredible trivia night!

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