Tips to Help You Get Better At Pub Trivia


The moment has arrived. You are sitting at the bar with your buddies and the pub trivia is about to begin. We bet you are a nervous and excited. The chances of winning all depend on how strong your team is. Sometimes there is a cash prize, bar tab, or other fun giveaways you can win.

However, the main question is how do you prep your team for pub trivia night? Is there is a way to study or even prepare for competitions like this? At the Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House in Las Vegas, we hold a pub trivia every Thursday at our newest location on South Rainbow. So we are not only known for having the best seafood in Las Vegas. We understand how exciting this game can be and have a few tips to give you so your team is ready for the any upcoming trivia games!

Read the News

Trivia questions surround current and past events. When we say read the news we mean read about all kinds of news such as entertainment, sports, and political news. You never know when a question may be asked about these things. Sometimes pub trivia has questions that are dated very far back in the past. This is why we also recommend reading up on history books. Besides, it is fun to learn about the past! It helps us understand what helped shape the present.  

Play Trivia Games at Your Leisure

The best way to get really good at something is to keep practicing. Play trivia games whenever you get the chance. It will help challenge your mind and help you become familiar with the type of questions asked. Also, make sure you keep this fun when you are playing. Everyone participating is here to enjoy themselves and have some friendly competition. Do not become too competitive. Just have a good time with it!

Trust Your Gut

We are sure you have taken many tests in your life. If you have ever taken a class that teaches you how to answer multiple questions more effectively, they always recommend going with your first answer. Usually this is right. When people do not trust their gut and decide to change their answers, this is when mistakes typically happen. So the next time you are at a bar trivia and you are debating which answer to pick you should follow your intuition.

Looking for the best pub style trivia in Las Vegas? Stop by the Crab Corner. We have two convenient locations that is just off the strip. All our menu items are high quality, yet affordable. So you can say goodbye to overpriced lobster and crab at the Caesars Palace! Stop by anytime to see what the fuss is about! We also serve brunch on Sundays with unlimited mimosas and non-seafood items for everyone to enjoy.

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