Great Things to Eat with Crab

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Crab is an excellent source of lean protein that taste great! You can eat it with a number of things or enjoy it by itself. The options out there for you are vast and sometimes it can be a bit much to choose which one you actually want.

At the Crab Corner, home of the best seafood restaurant in Las Vegas, we get it. Having offered the best Maryland blue crab that was imported fresh from the Chesapeake Bay for years to the locals in Las Vegas, we have helped many customers choose other delicious menu items to go along with their crab legs. So today, we are going to go over a few things you can eat crab with so you can pick which one you want the next time you are dining at a seafood restaurant.


There is seafood butter, lemon butter, Irish butter, and just straight up plain butter. You have your choice based on preferences and also availability. The sweet flavor of the crabmeat goes well with the rich taste of butter. Do not get margarine because it will not taste as good. If you are going for a healthier alternative to add to your crab eating experience, then opt for lemon instead.


Add some acid to the sweetness by squeezing some lemon. It taste great and you can have it with butter or not butter. It is a low calorie alternative to satisfy your dining experience.


There is the option of steamed, grilled, or baked vegetables. Both will be a great side dish to accompany the crab entree. It is also healthy and you will be getting your daily vegetable serving in. Get some carrots, asparagus, zucchini, and other veggies you may enjoy.

Risotto or Saffron Rice

Add some carbs to your life! You can get some risotto or saffron rice on the side. Get a taste of it in between crab legs to give yourself a break and add some starch to your diet.

Baked Potato or Roasted Red Potato  

Nothing goes better with crab than potatoes. You can get a large baked potato and throw on some sour cream, salt, pepper, bacon, butter, and chives. Mush it all together and there you have an excellent side dish. Roasted red potatoes taste just as good and will give you the starch you need without the extra calories from the toppings on a baked potato.

Looking for the best crab legs in Las Vegas? Stop by Crab Corner. All dishes are great tasting and inspired by authentic Maryland recipes to give a seasoned flare, which cannot be found anywhere else in Vegas. We have two convenient locations. The new location in the southwest has a video poker machines and a full bar. Families and friends enjoy going to the Crab Corner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because they will leave satisfied with the fresh food and friendly service. People in Vegas craving seafood, but do not want to drive all the way to the beach, can now drive up the street to enjoy the best seafood at the Crab Corner.

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