Healthy Ways To Cook Seafood

Seafood is delicious and healthy for you to eat. However, there are many unhealthy ways to make it. For example, eating lobster by itself is a healthy source of protein that is full of vitamins and minerals. If you add butter, cheese, sour cream, or mayonnaise then you are turning these nutritious food into something that will wreak havoc on your body. What is worse is deep-frying the food. Although we do understand frying food in oil and butter makes anything taste delicious, but it is very bad for you.

Anyone who is trying to eat well understands the struggles of making the good foods tasty without blowing your calorie budget or loading the meal with unnecessary fats. It can get boring eating chicken or lean steak every day. Sometimes it is nice to change it up a bit. But how can you change it up the right way to keep the dish healthy?

Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House has been providing Las Vegas area with the best seafood in the city for years. We do not believe in depriving people of healthy food options. This is why our menu only serves quality ingredients and fresh imported seafood to our guests. We have two locations within Las Vegas and offer daily specials to make dining affordable. Today we are going to show simple and easy ways to cook seafood in a healthy, but delicious way. You can also request these cooking instruction at restaurants if you are dining out.   

Grill It

Grilling season is just around the corner. You can grill anything like shrimp, crab, lobster, fish, etc. Make sure to mild season it and squeeze a bit of lemon to add extra flavor. For those who are feeling wild you can add more spices to make it spicy, which it is said spicy foods can increase your metabolism. When cooking, make sure you watch it closely to avoid overcooking it. If you are out at a restaurant you are more than welcome to ask them if they have the option to grill the items.

To enhance the flavors, you can add wine to your meal. Try to get red or white wine since it is a healthier choice.

Poach Away  

Poaching is a great cooking method that is gentle for soft seafood items like crab, lobster, and fish. It also keeps it moist and retains its delicious flavor when it is served. However, this can be a bit tricky. Keep in mind, the ideal temperature to cook is 165 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 74 to 82 degrees Celsius. Try adding a side of white or brown rice on the side instead of mashed potatoes. That way you create a balanced meal that is good for you.


We love to steam fish. It is a simple way to cook it without adding any unhealthy oils. Steaming is another cooking method that is gentle and will retain flavor. You need a bamboo steamer or folder steamer basket. Then, you get a pan and pour about 1.5 inches of water in it. Place the steamer in the pan, cover it, then bring it to a boil with the seafood on the basket. It should take about 10 minutes for it to cook. Steaming is great for fresh fish, oyster, shrimp, and you can also steam vegetables to add on the side. There are so many dishes you can make by using this cooking method.


Another great way to cook is baking. It is an effective way to create the crispy crunch you get from fried foods without the oils, fat, and batter. Remember to be mindful of the ingredients needed. Limit the amount of oils, butter, cheese, and mayonnaise added. When you eat the seafood, do not accompany it with unhealthy sauces. Many seafood items are great all on their own so try baking it next time you are making an Italian or American cuisine seafood entrée. Try enjoying it without the tartar sauce. Also, remember it is all about controlling your portions. It is ideal to eat about three ounces of meat per sitting and add a few healthy side dishes to complete your meal.

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