Mimosas - The Best Drink For Brunch

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Mimosas - The perfect blend between champagne and orange juice, or with any other chilled citrus fruit juice. It is elegantly served in a tall champagne flute alongside a delicious weekend brunch. The sweet sparkling citrus drink is refreshing and cleanses your palate after each bite you take, which allows you to savor the taste of the brunch entrée even more. Some believe a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris invented it in 1925. There is also another story that a French bartender had taken the idea from a London tavern that has the same identical drink called the “Buck Fizz”, which was widely popular around the same time.

Whoever and wherever this incredible revitalizing drink originally came from, we are all happy it exists. It is such a simple drink that anyone can make, yet a fantastic addition to a nice Sunday brunch to make it a perfect pairing to each other. However, finding a restaurant to experience the best Sunday brunch is another struggle. This is very important. The place has to have great food; the atmosphere needs to be welcoming and personable with excellent service, and the price reasonable. Not only does the price need to be reasonable but also how well they make their mimosas is crucial to complete your brunch experience. Many times, one place is phenomenal in one area and lacking in others.

This is the reason we created one of the best Sunday brunch menus in Las Vegas. We wanted to make it easier for people to choose their favorite restaurant for brunch time. Our menu is not a typical one either. Since we are known for offering great seafood in Las Vegas, the brunch menu at Crab Corner incorporates mouthwatering seafood items and a touch of our Maryland inspired recipes, along with a sweet mimosa to make it a brunch your taste buds will never forget!

Currently, at our Southwest location, we are offering brunch and football Sunday! As die-hard Baltimore Raven fans, we offer an option for football fanatics to experience a special brunch as they cheer their team on! Sundays are a big deal for us. This is why we offer $15 bottomless mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and Sangrias so customers can drink all they want without having to focus on their bill. If you do not enjoy watching football that is okay! Many of our customers come in just simply because for the great tasting menu.

So make sure to mark us in your calendar for this upcoming Sunday brunch! See you all soon! Check out our Menu!

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