Secrets to Finding the Best Brunch Spot This Sunday!

Brunch is probably man kind's greatest invention. The idea of eating breakfast at a reasonable hour! Not everyone wants to wake up at 7 am to enjoy waffles and pancakes. Sometimes we want to sleep in and take our time getting out of bed. Then, when we are finally ready to have breakfast we want the option to do so.

Although brunch is delicious, finding the best spot to fit your needs can be a bit tricky. You may be looking for a place that has incredible mimosas, but the joint only has bottomless bloody Mary's. There are places that have crepes and others don't.

With this many options, which one are you to choose?

Well, today Crab Corner is going to make your life easier. We are revealing to you in this article the secrets to finding the best brunch spot near you. This way you can fulfill all your brunch needs this Sunday!

Pick a Cuisine

Brunch can come in a variety of ways. You can have seafood, Italian, American, or even a fusion mix. Determine what you are craving first before embarking on your hunt for a place. This will narrow your search down tremendously.

Mimosa or Blood-Mary?

Do you want to have a drink at all? Well, if you do then you must find a place that serves alcohol. Not all places have a full bar or offer mimosa's or Bloody-Mary's. Some offer bottomless options and others you must pay for each drink. We love bottomless and offer it to our guests on Sundays!


A good rule of thumb is to find a spot that is within 10 miles of you. Anything further, you are driving too far out of your way to get brunch. However, some are worth a far drive! So you make your decision of how far you are willing to go to get a taste of brunch!

Check the Times

Typically, places will stop serving brunch around 1 or 2. However, some will offer brunch longer. You can call to ask. We have even heard of places that offer brunch late at night or all day. So you never know! 

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