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Soft Shell Crab

Soft Shell Crab

What makes a soft shell crab a soft shell crab? It is simply blue crabs that have outgrown their shells and shed them. Blue crabs are found in various parts of the United States, primarily in the Chesapeake Bay. Typically, these crustaceans will stay in the water and grow new, larger shells to protect themselves, but when they are harvested, it stops this process the crabs remain soft. The outer shell is so soft, it is almost all of it is edible!

With soft shell crabs, you can make a sandwich, add it to a salad, or pan fry it with garlic herb butter. The beautiful crunch when you first bite into a pan fried soft shell crab will awaken your taste buds. The list of things entrees and appetizers you can add soft shell crab to can go on and on forever. No one knows this better than us, the Smolen Brothers. We were born and raised in Maryland and are the owners of Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House. We take pride in offering the best seafood in Las Vegas, especially the best soft shell crabs Las Vegas has ever tasted! Their connections back in Maryland, allow them to cost effectively import fresh blue crabs and other delicious seafood straight from the Chesapeake Bay.

Blue crabs are the essence of the sea. The taste of it cannot be matched with other crabs. Since 2011, when we first opened our first Crab Corner, we were the first restaurants to introduce blue crab to the Las Vegas market. We are happy to serve the Las Vegas community with high-quality, fresh seafood. Finding a great seafood restaurant that has our authentic Maryland inspired recipes can be hard to find. However, we welcome everyone to come in and enjoy the delicious soft shell blue crab and other great tasting menu items to satisfy their taste buds!

Offering awesome daily specials, making it affordable for anyone to enjoy a memorable dining experience with great atmosphere and delicious food. On Mondays we offer all you can eat regular and medium blue crabs with two sides of your choice. There is also $2 Tuesday’s for regular male or female blue crabs and an incredible $2 special on an ice-cold Rock & Roll and PBR draft beers. On Thursdays, we offer $3 all beers, medium male and large female blue crabs.

Come in today and experience these amazing soft shell blue crabs to see what all the fuss is about!  Check out the best seafood menu in Las Vegas!

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