The Incredible History of Crab Cakes

At Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House, we are famous for our Maryland Blue Crab Cakes. They are made with fresh imported Blue Crab Meat right from the Chesapeake Bay. Each crab cake we make has more than 90% of crab meat. All ingredients used are fresh and will leave you feeling great and satisfied.

Although we can talk about how incredible our crab cakes are, we also want to do something different today in our blog. We are going to write about the incredible history of crab cakes. This way you get a full understanding of how the delicious came to be.

Early Days

The concept of mincing crab meat into patties has occurred since the ancient days. People used to put crab meat in bread and spices because it was a cheap and fast way to eat. Oh and we can't forget to mention that it tastes great too!

However, the types of crab cake's we know and love today were not introduced until English settlers came when the colonies were first formed. Some were fried, and others were not. It always incorporated some form of bread crumbs and unique spices. Some had only crab meat, and others added fish or shellfish into the dish as well.

20th Century

Crab cakes did not get this name until the 20th century. This term goes back in the 1930's in Crosby Gaige's New York World's Fair Cook Book. His version of crab cakes was called the "Baltimore Crab Cakes." People would often eat them in a hamburger bun or alongside fries, onion rings, or mashed potatoes. There are many side dishes you can eat with crab cakes. 

Through the years, the delicious meal of crab cakes has transformed tremendously. New variations have come as new chef's make their creation. However, in our hearts the Maryland Blue Crab Cakes are the best for us. We have the best in town, and we hope that you will stop by and get a taste!   

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