How Trivia Makes You Smarter

Trivia night. One of the best pastime everyone in Las Vegas enjoys. Trivia can be enjoyed on any day of the week. Even on a normal Monday, simple Tuesday, or for a low-key Saturday. It is the perfect way to get your friends and family together for a night of fun as they learn random facts and answer challenging questions. The questions asked range from questions on art, current events, the sun, entertainment industry, and much more. During these pub trivia quiz events everyone gets a chance to flex their brain muscles and compete for bragging rights of who is smarter as they beat their peers.  

You can find an event like this at a local bar or even an Irish pub. If you are looking for an enthralling way to spend your Thursday nights, come into the Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House in Las Vegas. We hold a pubquiz every Thursday at 8:00 pm. It is held at our south west location on Rainbow Blvd. Many locals in Las Vegas come in to Crab Corner to relax, enjoy some delicious food from our menu, play some trivia, and be in a place that is not in a casino. Not saying casinos in Vegas are not nice, but it can get tiring to be there every night.

Yes this is a fun and exciting thing to do on your Fridays, but did you know by participating in a pubquiz can make a big difference in improving your health and makes you smarter? From this article, it is going to be revealed to you how this works and why it makes you smarter.  

Memory Improvement

When you participate at a trivia event you learn interesting facts and this gets stored in your short-term and long-term memory. Every time you answer a gallery of quiz questions, your brain is forced to remember information you previously learned. As you continue to play, your brain practices recalling information much quicker and improves retention for longer periods of time. So information you learned on last Tuesday will retain in your brain longer. This helps your memory and ability to move random information learned from short-term memory into long-term memory part of your brain. Even learning questions about art, sports, or another industry helps improve your memory.

Mental Agility

If you played enough trivia you might be able to win Jeopardy one day! We are just kidding. Who knows if that could happen, but many of the winners and contestants who get to experience being on the show love trivia. It helps them increase their frontal lobe activity by creating neurons, which can only simulated by mind challenging activities. These neurons are important because they are what help the brain process and transfer information through your brain. As you continue to develop this, you will be able to think quicker, respond faster, and process information quicker. This will help your brain avoid diseases and memory loss. It will also keep your brain young and strong as you get older. So the next time you are at an Irish bar playing trivia on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, know your brain is becoming more agile with each new question you learn.

Stress Reliever

Who would have thought answering sports questions can help you de-stress? The next time you want to unwind on a Sunday night, gather some friends and join a pub quiz.  As you play you will have a good time with your friends and it takes your mind off of the problems that are causing you stress. Your mind then focuses on the fun gallery of questions asked. This is a good thing because stress is the number one killer and can cause dangerous health issues in your body. Do yourself a favor and take care of yourself. Play trivia instead of worrying too much. You can play it twice a week to maintain a healthy work and life balance. There are plenty offered on Wednesday and Tuesday nights.

There you have it. Now remember to mark your calendar for next Thursday to visit the Crab Corner for pub trivia. You can have fun exercising your brain and enjoy great tasting seafood. Our Rainbow location is complete with a video poker machine and full bar.

Don’t forget trivia is great for people of any age so you can also buy your own trivia. So the next time your kids want someone new and exciting to do on a Tuesday night buy a pizza, pull out the trivia game, and play it at home with the little ones.

Are you here in Las Vegas visiting because of a convention or expo your industry is having? Well, our east location is located just off the strip. So feel free to stop by any time!

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