Ways to Up Your Pub Style Trivia Game

As you find out the final scores, you hear that your team did not win this week pub trivia challenge.

The feeling of anguish, dismay, and frustration is probably kicking in. You feel heartbroken and confused! How could this even happen?

We get it. At the Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House, we hold a weekly Pub Trivia night every Thursday. It can get very intense in there. Also, no one likes losing!

Everyone at Crab Corner wants to let you know that not all is lost. You can still bounce back from this! Just because you failed this time does not mean that you will not win the next one. However, it all comes down to your pub trivia game. It comes down to if you are practicing. You also need to make sure you have a strong team as well!

Today, we have put together a few simple tricks and tips you can start using today to help you up your trivia night game. This way you can work your way to victory in your next tournament!

Practice, Practice, Practice

You will never know the answer to these questions if you do not read or study them. It can be difficult to memorize all of it, but with time your memory will get better. Each time you play trivia you are challenging your brain and conditioning it to improve your memory.

There are many ways to practice. You can take a practice test online, or you can opt to go to various trivia games to get familiar with the kinds of questions asked. That way you can go home and know which sections to study.

Trust Your Gut

When in doubt, always trust your gut! We are not saying that your intuition will always be on point. However, most of the time your gut is guiding you in the right direction. You will regret not following it if it turns out that your original guess was correct!

Lighten Up  

Trivia is a big deal. But remember this is only a game. You should always have fun while you are playing. This will not only help you play better but also ensure you always have a good time! 

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