Delicious Wine and Seafood Pairing

crab corner wine and seafood

The true purpose of wine is to enhance the flavors of your meal. However, it can ruin your dining experience if you do not pair it correctly with the right dishes. As true passionate lovers of seafood, the Crab Corner is here to give you the simple rules of how to pair wine with different seafood. These are guidelines you can use for other food pairings as well that is non-seafood. So let’s begin!

Champagne Tastes Great with Salty Dishes

If there is a highly seasoned fish, then you should order champagne. The sweetness from the bubbly drink will go great with dishes that are high in salt. It offers a refreshing balance with every bite if you take a sip of champagne with it.

Tart Dressings and Sauces for Sauvignon Blanc

Dishes with sharp acidic tastes goes well with Sauvignon Blanc. For example, pasta dishes made with lemon or tomato sauce would constitute as a tangy sauce. There is also other seafood items that have vinaigrette dressing on top can also make a delicious pairing with this particular wine.

Pinot Grigio Great with Fish Dishes

A nice pinot is a soft white wine that does not have too many intense flavors. This is why it goes well with light fish dishes that meets its low intensity. The flavor of the dish is able to make a more notable mention to your taste buds.

Fatty Fish or Rich Sauces Call for Chardonnay

Salmon is considered a fatty fish or pastas made with butter or Alfredo are the types of dishes that would be an excellent pairing with Chardonnay. It will enhance the rich flavors presented in the dish and you will enjoy the cleansing your pallet gets each time you drink the crisp and fresh white wine.

Moscato d’Asti Perfect with Fruit Desserts

Lastly, we are going to go over the dessert wine. The reason we say fruit desserts is the sweet wine is able to bring out the natural flavors from desserts instead of the sugar. However, this is still an excellent wine to have at the end with any sweet dish.

We hope this wine and food-pairing article will help you choose the right drink for your next meal!

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